Wedding bridal makeup artist in Bangalore

For special occasions such as weddings, an extra set of hands are definitely helpful! provides you with various stylists who can recreate any desired look on you. Right from your hairstyle to your accessories, everything will be taken care of by the personal stylist you choose! You can be perfect for the wedding; the perfect hairstyle, perfect makeup, and the perfect accessories matching your outfit. Dear future Brides of Bangalore, go on and choose your stylist from the wide range of portfolios below.
Tony "The Makeup Artist"
Bridal hairstyling
from 10 000 ₹
Bridal hairstyle + makeup
30 000 ₹ — 100 000 ₹
Hairdo + makeup rehearsal
from 15 000 ₹
Bridal hairstyling
1 500 ₹ — 3 000 ₹
Bridal makeup
8 000 ₹ — 10 000 ₹
Bridal hairstyle + makeup
9 000 ₹ — 12 000 ₹
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Style is something that each of us has within; all we need to do is to find it and explore new sides of ourselves with it! Sometimes, all we need is an occasion. In such cases, what’s better than a wedding? Family, friends, fun and frolic are all around you! These are the perfect moments for you to be the stylish diva you’ve always dreamed to be! After all, style is a way of showing who you are without having to speak. So, why not show off your new style at this wedding?